Your Checklist for Moving House

Your Checklist for Moving House

pre-packing for house removal

Checklist for Moving House – Have a Stress-Free Move

House shifting has always been a tedious task and it becomes more stressful when it is done in an unorganised manner. If you follow a planned way of relocation, shifting can surely become less painful. Organising a house removal can save you a lot of time, energy, and even money. Moreover, it will also save you from missing out on some important tasks. So, here we are providing a checklist for moving house which will surely help you.

Checklist for Moving House

You must start with the house removal at least 2 months prior. Here is a list of things which you need to do.

1 month or 45 days before Moving

The first thing to do while moving your house is to book a moving company. This will help you in choosing a day as per your convenience, see what all services do you need to hire, research the market for some good options, plan the further tasks accordingly, etc.

  • Now that you are done with the removal service, you can focus on other things. So, begin with organising household insurance for your new place.
  • Notify the government offices such as electoral office, car registration, drivers license department, post office about your new address.
  • Visit the new home and plan out on the furniture placement. It will be very useful on the day of moving in.
  • Analyse all your belongings and make a list of all the items. Also, note down any dents or damages. You can even click a picture of your precious belongings for reference.
  • Declutter unnecessary items from each room. Throw expired items from the kitchen. Start using open packets and frozen food.
  • Gas cylinders or any other flammable chemicals should be emptied before moving. Talk with your removal service provider regarding the same.
  • Make a folder to carry all moving-related documents and make a bag for carrying valuable (cash, jewellery, and legal documents) items with you.
  • Set up utilities at the new house.
  • In case you are planning to pack yourself, arrange for packing supplies. Also, make sure all the major packing is done a week before moving.
  • Take a day off for the moving day.
  • Talk with family or friends to take care of children and pets on moving day. You can also take them with you, it is up to your choice.


A Day Before the Move

  • Defrost and empty the refrigerator.
  • Keep vacuum cleaner in your reach for any last-minute cleaning.
  • Keep personal luggage aside.
  • Make sure you have cash for last-minute expenses.
  • Meet your neighbours to say goodbye.
  • Prepare a plan for the moving day.

On Moving Day

  • If you have hired a packing service, make sure the essentials are kept in a box and the box is marked.
  • Keep children and pets need items handy.
  • Keep checking the items as they are loading in the truck.
  • Turn off all the taps, windows, power, etc.
  • Recheck all the cupboards and corners.
  • Arrange for house key collection.

We hope all these points will help you in moving your house without any stress. A good removal service provider will also give you a checklist of things you need to do and discuss with your what will be covered in their package. For a reliable Removal service in the Inner West of Sydney, get in touch with Inner West Removals.