Ultimate Guide: Moving checklist before hiring Sydney Removalists

Ultimate Guide: Moving checklist before hiring Sydney Removalists

Sydney Removalists

Are you moving to Sydney? Well, it might seem exciting when your friends congratulate you. But, you know the truth!

It’s left for only two months. And, you may be spending so many sleepless nights planning your relocation and organising your new home.

Don’t worry! Put all your stress on Sydney removalists! All you need is to nail the checklist so that they can make your moving stress-free.

So, stop wasting time, and let’s get started!

Prepare a to-do list before you move

So, it will be best if you can start making your checklist from now. For example:

8 weeks before the move

  • Let’s start by setting a budget for moving. From the charges of the removals and storage to rent of the home- make sure to include all the expenses you need to pay.
  • Make a Google search and shortlist the best schools for your kids in Sydney. But before that, ask the management of the old school to provide necessary documents.
  • Apply for a leave from your office in advance for the moving day. Moreover, it will be best if you can plan your move for Friday. Then, you will get the weekend to relax and set your new home.
  • Look for the best Sydney removalists for heavy furniture removals and ask for free quotes. Keep the details in your Pendrive or a folder in Google Drive as a reference.
  • Declutter your things and keep apart the unwanted items. You can sell it online or donate to any needy.

6 weeks ahead of the relocation

  • Ask your movers to visit your place with their boxes, tape, and tools for packing services. Some of the belongings that you don’t use often shift before your moving day.
  • Prepare an inventory sheet of the essentials before your movers keep the furniture in the moving truck. Make sure that the packers have marked the boxes of fragile items.
  • Ask your removalists to keep the hardware in the labelled boxes. It will help you to find them while reassembling the furniture.

4 weeks before

  • Collect all your legal and financial documents and keep them in your personal bag.
  • Keep the passports and birth certificates.
  • Look for a new physician near your new location, and gather all your medical records and documents.

2 weeks ahead of moving

  • Inform your Banks and Credit Card companies about your new address.
  • Keep a back up of your PC or laptop to ensure that all vital data is safe.
  • Transfer your utilities, such as water, gas, or electricity.
  • If you have kids, arrange a babysitter if required.

A week before you shift

  • Defrost and clean your fridge before the night of your removals.
  • Unplug all your electronics
  • Take a look at your essentials, such as toiletries, clothing, documents, laptop, and phone chargers, and so on.

Have you all done? Then, it’s time to finalise your date for our packers and movers. We ensure the safety of your belongings while moving to your new address. Contact us just by a call at 02 8789 7111 today!