Tips on kitchen packing by removalists in Petersham Sydney

Tips on kitchen packing by removalists in Petersham Sydney

kitchen removalists in Petersham Sydney

It’s undeniable for any homeowners that packing becomes the most tedious task during home removals. And, boredom goes a level up when it’s about packing the utensils and other kitchen items. Isn’t it?

Well, it’s not surprising! You might need hours to box up all the small pots, appliances, utensils, dishes, cutlery, and other items. On the contrary, you need to handle them with care so that you don’t end up breaking them or getting injured.

Most effective tactics to pack your kitchen

While getting ready to pack all your kitchen items for removal and storage, make sure to start with the larger ones. Such as:

Boxing up the large kitchen stuff

Follow the steps here to pack the heavy kitchen items first:

Relocate the kitchen appliances

  • From chimney to microwave, disassemble all the appliances into small parts. It will help you set them into their original boxes as they were.

  • Now, remove the foods and clean the ice from the refrigerator. Then, use tape to close the door so that it doesn’t get opened during the move.

  • Lastly, cover up the fridge with a blanket to protect it against damage and scratches.


If you have planned to pack the chairs on your own, buy some bubble wraps to cover up them. Otherwise, the legs can get broken or scratched with ease. So, be careful to handle them while packing.

Kitchen table

Make sure to use bubble wraps to pack your kitchen table. If it’s isolatable, split it into parts so that you can box up them with ease. But, when your kitchen table is heavy to move alone, be smart to hire professional packing services regarding this.

After removing the table you can get more space to pack all the small items of the kitchen.

Small kitchen items packing

To set the small items of your kitchen for the move, you should start by preparing the boxes.

Arrange the boxes

The boxes you have selected to pack your small kitchen items, tape them well. Otherwise, it will fail to take the weight of the pan, dishes, or pots. And, if you don’t have the right boxes and tape for packing, contact us. Our movers can provide you with quality packing supplies (5 big boxes, 20 small boxes, tape) free of cost.

Heavy items

Make sure to keep the small but heavy items at the bottom of the box. So, start by boxing up the pans and pots and leave the lids on the top. Otherwise, you may waste a lot of time matching them.

Handle the breakable items carefully

It’s best to put the cups and dishes on the top to avoid being crushed. Cover up each cup and plate into old newspaper or wrapping paper to keep the items safe from scratches. Also, you can put the crumpled papers inside the boxes where left space. It will prevent the fragile items from moving.

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